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Cameron Browne

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N. Romeral Andrés

Copy Editor
Russ Williams

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Daniel Ashlock
Nick Bentley
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Tristan Cazenave
Ben Cousins
Kerry Handscomb
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Submissions should be of high technical quality, and the exposition should be rigorous but suitable for both technical and non-technical readers.

Submissions can be any length from 1-12 pages, with shorter articles welcome. Figures are encouraged and can be full colour, but the accompanying text should be colour-neutral for the B&W print option.

Submissions should focus on aspects of design relevant to games and/or puzzles for the majority of their content. Descriptions of games without design analysis will not be sufficient. Submissions should have the potential to teach readers something that they do not already know about game design, which could lead to new and interesting designs in future.

Please see the journal's style guide for more details.


Please email submissions to Cameron Browne, preferably in PDF format. Submissions that fit the journal's scope and conform to the style guide will be reviewed and revisions possibly requested. Complete source files will then be requested for those submissions accepted for publication.

Please state in the covering email whether submissions have been previously published or submitted for publication elsewhere.

The journal reserves the right to rework and reformat submitted material as required for publication.


Submissions should conform to the journal's style guide but can be provided in any common format (.pdf, .rtf, .txt, .doc, etc.). In fact, the less formatting the better, unless submissions are formatted using the provided LaTeX template.


• Issue #1 now out:
   31 July 2015.

• Submissions open
   for issue #2.

• Added style guide.

• Started Facebook
   page for journal.

• Public launch:
   17 Jan 2015.






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