Cameron Browne


I'm an Australian/UK research scientist whose interests include artificial intelligence, game design and computer graphics.
Best known for my work on evolutionary game design, which produced the world's first published computer-generated games.
I've published several games and books on game design
, and also do consultancy work through my company Cyberite Ltd.






Public demo of the giant Shibumi set at Essen SPIEL 2013.
Section Editor of the International Computer Games Association (ICGA) journal.

New book Margo Basics describes my board game Margo and some basic strategy.

My work on evolutionary game design wins the 2012 GECCO "Humies" award for human-competitive results in evolutionary computation.
New book Shibumi Rule Book describes the Shibumi game system for experimental game design.

Yavalath, a game invented by my LUDI program, is listed in the top #100 abstract board games of all time on BGG.
Associate Editor of the IEEE Transactions on Computational Intelligence and AI in Games (T-CIAIG).
New book Evolutionary Game Design summarises my thesis findings in automated game design.

Awarded £546,000 research grant from the UK's EPSRC for a three-year project to investigate UCT for Games and Beyond.
My game Palago is awarded New Zealand Game of the Year.

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