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Cameron Browne

Liaison Officer
N. Romeral Andrés

Copy Editor
Russ Williams

Editorial Panel
Ingo Althöfer
Daniel Ashlock
Nick Bentley
Kris Burm
Tristan Cazenave
Ben Cousins
Kerry Handscomb
Ryan Hayward
Kate Jones
Maki Kaji

Don Kirkby

Simon Lucas
David Molnar
Andy Nealen
João Pedro Neto
Raf Peeters
Richard Reilly
Greg Schmidt
Sandra Snan
Dieter Stein
Stephen Tavener
Dan Troyka
Bruce Whitehill
Mark Winands
I-Chen Wu



Vol. 1, no. 1, 2015

Table of Contents
C. Browne 'Welcome to Game & Puzzle Design'
D. Stein 'Volo: Bird Flight in a Game'
N. Romeral Andrés 'Heptalion'
J. Goto 'Masyu'
C. Browne 'The Nature of Puzzles'
C. Browne 'Uniqueness in Logic Puzzles'
D. Ashlock & C. Lee 'Influence Maps and New Versions of Risk'
K. Jones 'Symmetrical Pentomino Pairs'
I. Althöfer & M. Hartisch 'The Effect of Biasing Win Conditions'
R. Peeters 'Serendipity in Game Design'
C. Browne 'Embed the Rules'
B. Whitehill 'Centipede: From Arcade Game to Board Game'
M. Thomashow 'Project GIPF: Design and Aesthetics'
K. Burm 'Architecture in an Abstract Game'
J. M. Thompson 'Defining the Abstract'

86 pages.

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• Issue #1 now out:
   31 July 2015.

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   for issue #2.

• Added style guide.

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   page for journal.

• Public launch:
   17 Jan 2015.






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